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Bio: Sarah Ann Robinson

Sarah Ann Robinson was probably the first child of her parents Archibald Robinson and Jane Van Lear. She was born 9 April 1816 in Montgomery county Virginia. About 1820 she moved with her parents to Washington county Missouri where she spent most of her childhood.

She was married 2 July 1833 to Wilkenson Hewitt (Huitt) in Washington county Missouri. Wilkenson Hewitt was born in 1812, the son of James Hewitt (Huitt) and Elizabeth Webb, who migrated from Georgia to Washington county Missouri area about 1805. Records indicate that, like the Robinson family, Elizabeth Webb Hewitt was a member of Bellevue Presbyterian Church. But, at some point, her son Wilkenson Hewitt converted to Mormanism. Wilkenson and Sarah Hewitt appear in the 1840 census of Hancock county Illinois. Researcher Esther Ziock Carroll has some interesting information on her Carroll's Corner website about Wilkenson Hewitt and the Hewitt family. (A link is given at the close of these notes). Esther Carroll indicates three marriages for Wilkenson Hewitt, in 1833 to Sarah Robinson, then in 1842 Navoo Illinois, and 1848 Nebraska. She does not name his second and third wives. But, another source indicates that he married Margaret Calhoun 19 May 1848 in Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska. Wilkenson Hewitt may have followed the Mormon practice of having more than one wife because Sarah Robinson Hewitt, Margaret Calhoun and Margaret Henderson were all in his household in 1850.

1850 Census of Pottawattamie county Iowa
Wilkison Hewitt; 37 (1813) Missouri; laborer
Sarah Hewitt; 33 (1817) Virginia
Mary Hewitt; 14 (1836) Missouri
Henrietta Hewitt; 10 (1840) Illinois
Horrace Hewitt; 7 (1843) Illinois
Sarah Hewitt; 5 (1845) Illinois
Wilkison Hewitt; 2 (1848) Nebraska
Margaret Calhoun; 24 (1826) Virginia
Margaret Henderson; 20 (1830) Virginia
Jacob Henderson; 2 (1848) Nebraska

Wilkenson Hewitt died 16 July 1851 in Kanesville (later Council Bluffs), Iowa. This was the primary Morman enclave 1848 - 1852, but the great Mormon migration west was completed by 1852. Sarah Ann Robinson was secondly married to Lorenzo Dow Burgess 20 March 1853 in Mills county Iowa. She was his second wife. Lorenzo Dow Burgess was born about 1805 in Virginia and was first married to Harriett Curtis, by whom he had two children. There is no indication that he was a Mormon.

1856 Iowa State Census; Pottawattamie County
LD Burgess; 46 (1810) Virginia; state resident 4 years; blacksmith
Sarah Ann Burgess; 36 (1820) Virginia; state resident 10 years
Henriett Hewitt; 16 (1840) ?Missouri
Sarah Ann Hewitt; 11 ( 1845) Illinois
Archibald Hewitt; 5 (1851) Iowa
Tennessee Burgess; 1 (1855) Iowa
Oliver Hinman

1860 Census of Sarpy county, Nebraska Territory; Bellevue
LD Burges; 50 (1805) Virginia; farmer
Sarah A Burges; 41 (1819) Virginia
A Burges; 19 (1841) Iowa: (?Archibald Hewitt, age 9)
Sarah A Burges; 13 (1847) Illinois; (Sarah Ann Hewitt)
Tennessee Burges (f); 5 (1855) Iowa
Frank Burges; 3 (1857) Iowa

Notes from the Will of Archibald Robinson - Will dated 2 July 1863 Wife, Mary Mitchell Robinson, real estate (description) and at her death to daughter, Charlotte Harvey Robinson...until 16 March 1868 for her education...then divided among following, to wit, Jane Reyburn wife of Samuel A. Reyburn, Mary Evans wife of Dr. Jesse Evans, Elizabeth Terrell wife of Richard Terrell of California, and Charlotte Harvey Robinson Daughter Sarah Ann Hewitt, widow of late Wilkerson Hewit, decd., the note I hold against Myron Hagan Son Preston Robinson...having given him a farm Exrs. Samuel A. Reyburn & Harvey Donoho Wit: Jeff C. Russell, John G. Imboden& E H Mathews Recorded 12 Jan 1864. (Pages 13-15)
[source] Will Book A (Abstracts), Iron county Missouri;

1870 Census of St Charles county Missouri; St Charles
Lorenzo D Burger; 63 (1807) Virginia; teamster; (should read Burgess)
Sarah H Burger; 52 (1818) Virginia
Archibald Huitt; 18 (1852) Iowa
Helena Burger; 15 (1855) Nebraska
Frank Burger; 12 (1858) Nebraska

Lorenzo D Burgess died sometime between 1870 - 1879. Sarah Robinson Hewitt Burgess married a third time to William Barnett on 5 October 1879 in Guthrie county Iowa and they appear in the 1880 census. She died 8 March 1890 at Dexter, Dallas county Iowa and is buried in the Dexter Cemetery.

Sarah Ann Robinson's oldest son, Wilkinson Hewitt (Huitt) appears in the 1880 Census of Washington county Missouri, at Belgrade, with wife Martha and four children. Her son, Archibald Hewitt (Huitt), gives this information in his 1894 marriage record:

Archie Huitt married Eliz Schimurell; 20 September 1894; Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa; groom age 42, born 1852 Council Bluffs, son of Wilkinsin Huitt and Sarah Robinson; bride age 24, born 1870 Iowa, daughter of Conrad Schimurell and Eliza Ferner.

I am very thankful for the work of researcher Roger Burgess and his database at Mocavo. His report on Lorenzo Dow Burgess was very helpful in directing me on the path of Sarah Ann Robinson and her first two husbands, Wilkenson Hewitt and Lorenzo Burgess. Be sure to visit his database. It includes many more details.

Also the Burgess DNA Project is a helpful resource. An interesting article on Lorenzo Dow Burgess, identified Sarah Ann Robinson's third husband, William Barnett.; see Lorenzo Dow Burgess of St Charles Missouri.

Visit Esther Carroll's website for further information on the Hewitt (Huitt) family, also Wilkenson Hewitt and his links to Mormonism. Very interesting!
Esther Ziock Carroll;

Notes for Sarah Ann Robinson; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett, 2016; for Family Stories at