Family Stories

The Svejkovskys in Oklahoma

Frank Svejkovsky came to Oklahoma with his wife Bozina (Fridrich) and five children from South Dakota in March of 1891. They brought with them their farm animals, and farm equipment. They settled on a claim at what is now the southwest quarter of section twelve at SW 29th and Morgan Road, in Canadian county Oklahoma. Frank did not make the run of 1889, but picked up a relinquishment that had been previously filed on by Sooner Joseph Dolezal and later by Frank's brother Joseph Svejkovsky. Frank and Bozina proved up on their claim and received title to their land May 16, 1898. In 1892, Frank bought another quarter section in section thirty-five, at SW 89th and Morgan Road.

Frank and Bozina raised twelve children to maturity and farmed with their children, both quarter sections until 1922, when they sold the south farm to my father Henry Svejkovsky, where my brother Joe and I live. The family sometimes traveled the four miles between farms daily. Among other general farming pursuits, they had the first irrigation system from Mustang Creek, for raising all kinds of vegetables, which they sold in Oklahoma City. They also did custom corn shelling for neighbors, with a piece of equipment utilizing horse power, a modern piece of equipment for that day and time.

notes from "The Svejkovskys in Oklahoma", by Robert H Svejkovsky.