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Divorce: Jake Tanner and Lily Monnet

Wife In Divorce Names 'Sister' of Husband - Did Mrs. Lily M, Tanner name her husband's sister as co-respondent in her suit for divorce? This amazing question came up at the preliminary hearing today before Judge Crail of Mrs. Tanner's suit against Jake H. Tanner, known among the motorcycle racing fraternity as "Terrible Terry." Mrs. Tanner asked for an allowance pending a trial of her suit in which she named Mrs. Fay Hammond as the woman who broke up her home. Tanner declared Mrs. Hammond was his sister. Mrs. Tanner told Judge Crail she and her husband were married Feb. 17, last, and separated June 21. She added, however, that they had lived together in Monrovia as husband and wife under the name of Terry. "Why were you living under the name of Terry?" Judge Crail asked the husband. "I was in the racing game for a while and went under the name of 'Terrible Terry,' " he replied. Mrs. Tanner declared her husband brought Mrs. Hammond to the house and she alleged in her complaint that they showed a familiarity and intimate association which she characterized as improper between a brother and sister. "Have you any evidence to prove Mrs. Hammond is not your husband's sister?" she was asked. She said she had not, except the circumstances and manner in which they lived. "Who else is living in the home with you and your husband?" asked Attorney LG Shelton, representing Mrs. Tanner. "Mrs. Hammond," replied the wife. "Who is she?" "She is supposed to be his sister." "Why did you leave?" "Because they made it so unpleasant for me. Neither one of them would speak to me." Mrs. Tanner alleged that when Mrs. Hammond came to live with them her husband gave all his attention to the other woman and neglected his wife. Mrs. Tanner declared she insisted on the other woman leaving, whereupon she said Mrs. Hammond went to Pasadena and Tanner followed her there and was away from home for four weeks and Mrs. Tanner believed they were living together. Later Tanner returned and brought Mrs. Hammond with him and the wife then left and began her suit for divorce. Judge Crail made an order requiring Tanner to pay his wife $14 a week temporary alimony.

Los Angeles Herald (Los Angeles California) 29 June 1920. Located in the California Digital Newspaper Collection Database.

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