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Bio of John Jack Walker

John "Jack" Walker was born 13 February 1744 in Albemarle county Virginia, the oldest son of Thomas Walker and Mildred Thornton. As a boy he was privately school, eventually graduating from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg Virginia. Thomas Jefferson was his classmate, neighbor, and friend. About 1764, John Walker married Elizabeth Moore, daughter of Bernard Moore of King William county Virginia.

John Walker and Elizabeth Moore settled on the Belvoir plantation in Albemarle county Virginia. It was located about three miles southeast of Castle Hill, the home of John Walker's childhood. The Belvoir property had passed down from the Meriwether and Lewis families to John Walker's mother, Mildred Thornton Walker. John Walker built a home on the property about 1790 and several generations of his descendants lived there, until it burned in 1836.

During the Revolutionary War John Walker attained the rank of Colonel and he served as confidential aide to General George Washington. His biography, appearing the the Congressional BioGuide, notes that he was:

" . . Delegate to the Continental Congress 1780; studied law; admitted to the bar and commenced the practice of law; appointed to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the death of William Grayson and served from March 31 to November 9, 1790, when a successor was elected; was not a candidate for reelection; resumed his agricultural pursuits . . "

Family records indicate that John Walker and Elizabeth Moore were the parents of one daughter, Mildred Walker. She became the second wife of Francis Kinloch of South Carolina. The time table for her birth, marriage, and death is tight, causing some reseachers to question whether Mildred Walker Kinloch was the daughter of John Walker and Elizabeth Moore. Family records suggest that Mildred Walker was born about 1765, married February 1781, had a daughter, Eliza Kinloch, December 1781, died November 1784. This places her entry into marriage and motherhood at about age fifteen or sixteen, and her death at about nineteen.

Eliza Kinloch, only child of Francis Kinloch and Mildred Walker, married Hugh Nelson, son of a Virginia Governor. This family returned to make their home at Belvoir.

John Walker and his wife Elizabeth Moore Walker both died in 1809 and are buried in the Belvoir Family Cemetery.

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