Family Stories

Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowmar, Joseph  1780Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I4031 Clarkson 
2 Fry, Cary Harrison  20 Aug 1813Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1866 Clarkson 
3 Fry, David Bell  Abt 1822Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1852 Clarkson 
4 Fry, Elizabeth  Abt 1824Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1853 Clarkson 
5 Fry, Frances B  Abt 1815Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1974 Clarkson 
6 Fry, Francis H  Abt 1814Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1848 Clarkson 
7 Fry, John  Abt 1815Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1865 Clarkson 
8 Fry, John James  Between 1825 and 1830Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1857 Clarkson 
9 Fry, Joshua  Abt 1808Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1845 Clarkson 
10 Fry, Julia  Between 1825 and 1830Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1854 Clarkson 
11 Fry, Lucy Gilmer  Abt 1813Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1847 Clarkson 
12 Fry, Martha  Abt 1818Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1850 Clarkson 
13 Fry, Mary Ann Peachy  Abt 1806Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1844 Clarkson 
14 Fry, Nancy Spencer  Abt 1812Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1846 Clarkson 
15 Fry, Peachy Walker  13 Jan 1811Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1864 Clarkson 
16 Fry, Sallie  Between 1825 and 1830Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1855 Clarkson 
17 Fry, Speed Smith  9 Sep 1817Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1851 Clarkson 
18 Fry, Susan  Between 1825 and 1830Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1856 Clarkson 
19 Fry, Thomas Walker  4 Aug 1814Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1849 Clarkson 
20 Smith, Elizabeth Speed  1788Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1843 Clarkson 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fry, Joshua Micou  1839Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1796 Clarkson 
2 Fry, Margaret Mildred  1809Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1721 Clarkson 
3 Maury, Mary Ann  8 Dec 1817Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA I1757 Clarkson 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cocke / Fry  20 Jul 1803Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA F679 Clarkson 
2 Hedrick / Wilds  1817Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA F522 Clarkson